Call for New Directors

Lights, Camera, Action!

Natives Filmworks is looking for the next generation of visionary Filmmakers.

The opportunity

For filmmakers between 18 to 35 years of age who have never directed a feature film before. If you make the cut, you get to make your first feature film and get paid while at it. You will also receive intensive training, as well as mentoring through the whole process. However, you must have made a short film before. 

How to Apply

Send a video piece about yourself, describing how passionate you are about filmmaking and why. Also, tell us about the time of films you’d like to make and who your favourite filmmakers are.


All submissions must be received by close of business 12/12/20


All short-listed candidates will be invited to an online interview session from which the final selection will be made. All selections will be based on merit and Natives Filmworks will not make explanations for its choices.

Come let’s make magic together

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