First Features Film
RELEASE DATE: May 30, 2024
RUN TIME: 137 minutes
GENRE: Drama, Suspense

A desperate son and debt-ridden father fight for their lives. Set in Azuama, a rustic town by the river, in an oil-rich state, “Kill Boro” tells the harrowing story of Elijah, a young boy burdened by his father Boro’s relentless brutality against him and his mother. Driven by desperation, Elijah seeks an unthinkable solution from a notorious gang leader.

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Elijah, 12 years old, is an out-of-school kid drawn to the dangerous allure of the streets.

Elijah and his mother, Boma, live in dread of his father, never knowing what will set him off in a fit of rage and violence that spares no one. But Boro hasn’t always been this way, and Boma holds on to the belief that the man she fell in love with is still somewhere in there. Things come to a head after a particularly scary outburst by Boro that leaves Boma passed out and Elijah with a nearly broken hand.

Elijah has had enough, and he takes matters into his hands, approaching Bossman, a gang leader, to kill Boro. In the hope of deterring Elijah, Bossman, who has a history with Boro, sets a condition he thinks is impossible for Elijah to meet. The boy must bring two hundred thousand Naira if he wants the hit on Boro. What he doesn’t reckon with is Elijah’s resolve.

Unknown to both Elijah and his mother is the fact that Boro is dealing with demons of his own. At the top of that list is repaying a debt he owes Jaguar, the head honcho of gangs and crime in their town. He has 14 days to repay that debt, or his life is on the line.

Now, father and son are on the clock, with the stakes higher than ever. A desperate son and debt ridden father, both fighting for their lives. 

Set in Azuama, a rustic town by the river, “Kill Boro” is a gripping story that explores the themes  of family, survival, sacrifice and the enduring hope of redemption.

DIRECTOR: Courage Obayuwana

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Steve Gukas, Dotun Olakunri

WRITERS:  Priye Diri, Nengi Diri, Kester Nsirim

STORY BY: Dimbo Atiya, Steve Gukas, Priye Diri, Paul S Rowlston, and Kester Nsirim.

PRODUCERS: Steve Gukas, Dotun Olakunri and Ikechukwu Omenaihe

STARRING:  Ini Dima- Okojie, Gregory “Teddybear” Ojefua, Philip Asaya…