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Steve Gukas and Dotun Olakunri's First Features Project is Uncovering New Nollywood Filmmakers
The First Features project, spearheaded by Nollywood producing duo Steve Gukas and Dotun Olakunri, is focused on nurturing and empowering a new generation of visionary film directors. It provides training and funds the production of the first feature films by these exciting new voices in the Nigerian film industry...
  1. "A Place In The Stars"

    A lawyer gets a case he thinks will make him rich and encounters dangerous men willing to kill to protect a false medical drugs trade in Nigeria.

  2. "93 Days"

    In July 2014, Patrick Sawyer arrives in Lagos and is quarantined by Dr. Adadevoh due to suspected Ebola. The diagnosis is confirmed, triggering global concern. As Nigeria prepares for a potential outbreak, Dr. Adadevoh faces facility limitations. Sawyer's death prompts stricter safety measures. The story highlights sacrifices made to contain Ebola before it spreads.

  3. "Living in Bondage: Breaking Free"

    Living in the shadows of a dark past, 'Living in Bondage: Breaking Free' unfolds 25 years after the original movie. Andy Okeke, now a man of God, confronts a resurrected Brotherhood of the Six, an international cult. His secret son, Nnamdi, is ensnared by wealth and power, unaware of the cult's sinister plans. As Nnamdi battles the dark forces, Andy races against time to save his son. The film explores ambition, sacrifice, and the haunting legacy of the occult in a gripping tale of family, power, and redemption.

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  4. "Cake"

    Cake is the story of a talented baker trying to win the heart of the woman he loves, by using his culinary gift. Soon he finds out that relationships are just like cake, are layered and complex.

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  5. Love and Life

    A heartbroken recent widow, a marriage in trouble, and an uncertain romance...
    These three women, friends from way back when, may seem to live perfect lives in a perfect world but recently they have all struggled to remember love and to keep love alive. They learn, that when everything else fails, as long as you have your friends you have hope.

  6. it blooms in june

    The death of a beloved wife and mother left them alone in careful isolation and their love for each other grew to fill the void she left. But now his daughter is growing up and setting her eyes on the world beyond their safe, protected life. A wider world, an education, romance... All those opportunities, all those temptations... But having already lost one beloved woman, will her father find the strength to let his daughter bloom?

  7. KILL bORO

    A desperate son and debt-ridden father fight for their lives. Set in Azuama, a rustic town by the river, in an oil-rich state, “Kill Boro” tells the harrowing story of Elijah, a young boy burdened by his father Boro’s relentless brutality against him and his mother. Driven by desperation, Elijah seeks an unthinkable solution from a notorious gang leader.

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  8. A Fathers Love

    In the bustling streets of Lagos, a devoted, low-income taxi driver discovers an abandoned baby in his cab.

    As he embarks on a relentless quest to reunite the infant with its mother, he collides with a shocking revelation about his own family, that will send his world on a crazy spin. Forcing him to navigate the complexities of love, trust and forgiveness. Suddenly the question is not just how to be a good father, but how far can a father’s love go.

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